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Sarıgerme, a tourism center popular with Dalaman Airport and popularized by modern accommodation facilities, is a tourism city that has not yet been fully explored and is unspoilt.

Sarıgerme is a corner of paradise surrounded by lush pine trees right behind the spectacular beach. The number of sunny days on the ground is so high that the length of the holiday is long and the plant variety is also quite high. The temperature average does not fall below 7 degrees in summer and winter. So much so that with the orange flowers opening in February and March, the streets of Sarigerme

There are two coves beside Sarıgerme that are worth seeing, wonderful beauty. Shakira Bay and Vaccine Bay ... Egyptian Governor Abbas Pasha wants to make a hunting pavilion, "Station Building" is used today as a state-produced farm.

There is a different story for the name of Sarigerme. Preliminary The sea connection of the river was closed so that the logs carried on the Dalaman Stream could escape to the sea. This process is called "stretching". In addition, from the branches of Dalaman Stream "Sarısu" is the region of the region. Thus, "yellow" and "stretching" merged with gold sandy Sarigerme has developed in recent years has become a beautiful name.

The main settlement of the region is Sarigerme Village, located approximately 500 meters from the beach. Sarıgerme connected to the district of Ortaca in Muğla; About 7 km. In its length, it is quite shallow and has a wide sandy beach. So much so that we do not exaggerate if this beach continues in the sea.

Situated directly opposite the Sarigerme shore and known as "Father Island", it is quite close. It is a great pleasure to watch the waves hitting the top of Baba Island and hit the shores of Sarigerme, to sit under the trees and hear the wind blowing from the sea.

Sedir Island protects it like a private breakwater and water circulation around it. The island of Baba Island facing Sarıgerme is also one of the places where yachts are sheltered and boats and boats circulating between Marmaris Göcek.

Sarıgerme sand beach sand and bottom of the water does not reach the sand, your legs natural massage while strengthening your leg muscles and takes all the body's electricity and stress. The place where you press your foot is smooth with that card, no pebbles nor moss pieces. Indeed, a unique coast and sea in every respect.

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